Capturing Paris with effortless comfort

Here is our brand new model: a cardigan made with our soft fabric☁️ If you didn’t know, I had the chance to go for a 3-month student exchange in Paris🥐🥖 So I decided to create a piece of clothing comfortable to stay in the Toulousely look, but adding a little touch of elegance with the details of the pearl buttons and special borders. I had an incredible experience and I want to share it with you through the photos to come with the new comfortable Toulousely cardigans✨

Fashion School

For 3 months, I studied fashion from a different perspective than in Montreal. I learned a lot and met extraordinary people. I would definitely do it again!


Paris is known for being the city of love. Indeed, I had the right to “coffee dates” and evenings with incredibly good meals.


I couldn't help but act like a tourist in front of Paris' must-see attractions. After all, I'm a tourist so I have the right!


A symbol of French sophistication. Arranged along the opening, the white pearls subtly capture the light.


The ruffles of the "Paris" model evoke femininity and elegance

Soft Fabric

Our principal mission is to provide the most comfortable clothes on the market. This cardigan is made with our signature soft fabric.