What make Toulousely, Toulousely?

Soft Fabrics

All our fabrics are chosen carefully. Each fabric has particular functions, mainly comfort. To push our limits, we created an exceptionally soft fabric. Toulousely is mainly known for this cloud-soft fabric.

Soft Fabric


Toulousely is a colorful brand. We offer a wide range of colors to please everyone. We promise you will find your favorite color in one of our designs.


Most of our designs are available in sets. Indeed, you can complete your look with a matching top and bottom. However, they are still available separately. Which means that you never have to buy the entire set and you can choose the size of your choice for each piece.


All our items have the Toulousely label. This label allows you to identify the most comfortable clothes in your wardrobe!


What's more classic than a t-shirt? The Toulousely t-shirt is the first design designed with the soft fabric. Unisex, everyone likes it. It is available in a wide color palette that expands each year. It has all the characteristics of the brand: Classic, comfortable and quality.

Soft T-Shirts