Our History

Since 2020, Toulousely's first mission has been to provide comfort.


During the pandemic in 2020, Chloé, the founder, returned to her favorite hobby: Sewing. It all started with hair scrunchies. She loved choosing the colors, patterns and fabrics that were going to be available in limited quantities. It was a great success from the start. Subsequently, she had the idea of sewing unique pieces of clothing.



After a while Chloe had too many requests for clothes and not enough time. She therefore decided to use a supplier in order to produce clothing in larger quantities and meet demand. Chloé continues, even today, to sew small accessories, like hair scrunchies.


Inspired by Toulouse sausages, Chloé's sausage dog was named Toulouse. Having grown up with her for 16 years, leaving Toulouse was a significant moment in Chloé's life. The founder was inspired by her dog's first name to pay tribute to her and bring her to life through her business.


With ultra-sensitive skin, Chloé has always been looking for comfortable clothing. Fabrics are extremely important in all of her choices. Each design is designed with skin-friendly fabric and a comfortable shape.

March 15th

The first official big clothing launch has been on March 15th 2021. Since then, Toulousely keeps on revolutionizing comfortable clothes.