We created a list of summer activities you must do!

1. Festivals

There's no better time than summer to enjoy festivals and the beautiful weather. It's also a perfect moment to wear a matching outfit with your best friend!

2. Fire

Gather everyone around a fire.

Bonus : A friend with a guitar!

3. Park

There's no better chilling spot than the park. It's free and there's so much thing you can do. You can make a picnic, play volleyball, get a tan or you can just talk and catch up with your friends!

4. Travel

Make the trip actually makes it out of the groupchat. Book your tickets!

5. Terrace

Who doesn't like to go out to eat and drink a cocktail? Try out new restaurants and rate them out of 10!

6. Beach

It's time to get your tan back! Enjoy the sun and the water with your friends. Don't forget to put sunscreen!

7. Sport

Try out new sports just for fun. It can be golf, basket, football, volleyball... Even if you're not good at it, at least you will laugh!

8. Roadtrip

Spontanious roadtrips are the best! All you need is a driver and someone who takes care of the music to put a good vibe on!

9. Sunset

Watch sunsets with your favorite person. Each sunset is unique and colorful, that's what makes them so much beautiful.

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